Posted on 04/04/2017 by Ceyhun Ruhisu Altıok

Infinite courtyard loop

New video online!


This video installation is part of the project Urban Visions | Growing Apart. The project focuses on growth in the context of the city, more specifically on the conflict that might arise from the phenomena of growth. In this sense the situation of growing apart is defined as a process of growth with decreasing levels of interaction among different parts of the city.


The video emphasizes the potential for meaningful interaction inherent in the urban pattern of Berlin by showing an endless-looping journey of the alternative layer of the city generated through the courtyards. These transitional spaces in the boundary between the public and the private are pointing out the huge potential of meaningful encounter. In the scenes, the semi public and semi private areas are exaggerated and extended to infinity, while no interaction is actually happening. Thus, this puts the observer in the position of isolation in such spaces, which is contradicting with the essence of transition spaces.