Posted on 08/11/2017 by Vanessa Amaral Moreira

News from Lisbon

Vanessa is reporting about her impressions from the Web Summit 2017 on November 7th


“The largest tech conference in the world” is the official statement used to describe the event. Gathering in one place 60.000 attendees, 1.200 speakers, 2.500 journalists, plus staff, companies and investors, reaching about 81.000 people in total, from more than 170 countries, the event is huge indeed.

Although held at an exhibit area of approximately  50.000 sqm, the event was packed – a feeling of being overwhelmed by people and too much to see. However, the exhibitions and talks were pretty interesting. The main subject of the day was artificial intelligence.


At the Central Stage,  the talk “Will AI save us or destroy us?” presented two robots, debating about artificial intelligence. The robots Sophia and Professor Einstein gave their own point of view about the subject.

I attended to four other activities, two panels and two talks. The most interesting, in my opinion, were the talk “AI & The Future of Work: A Conversation with Slack”, with the founder and CEO of Slack app, Walter Frick, and the talk “Artificial Intelligence: How data is evolving the future of technology”, with Intel’s CEO Brian Krzanich.

What I could grasp as transversal to all the talks and panels I have watched this Tuesday, at Web Summit, about AI, was that every speaker agreed on one point on the discussion: the capability of meaning empathy and love is still a human characteristic that intelligent machines still are not able to imitate or learn yet, as was reinforced in the talk “Creativity, love and happiness” with the UX Strategy Consultant of Google, Jacob Greenshpan.


If you want to catch up on what happened so far at the Web Summit and follow the talks of the remaining days in real time, you can watch the live broadcasting on Web Summit page here.

Photo credits: Vanessa Amaral Moreira