Posted on 11/04/2017 by Lorena Bonilla

An introduction from Cátedra Bonilla

Chair of Clothing Design at FADU


Cátedra Bonilla is an interdisciplinary space of formation and research located in the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism of University of Buenos Aires, and focusing on student’s formation in clothing, textile and industrial design. Through a teaching staff with a vast professional career and diverse researches developed in the field of clothing design, this academic chair displays an innovative formation that aims to improve the functionalist bias of design through a methodological perspective centred on the links among objects and body, space and its artefacts.


Besides the development of the already mentioned curricular formation,  the staff of Cátedra Bonilla is currently developing a  research selected by the Call “SI-FADU 2016” presented under the name Morphogenesis of the Accessory aggravated by the link - Towards a relational perspective of the object. This project raises the question about a new thinking model in order to understand the accessory object as a part of a systemic network, where all objects are interrelated, complemented, and determinated by each other. Thus the concept of links acquires a new significance.

The works produced throughout the 6 years of Cátedra Bonilla received recognition for its interesting contribution promoting that the new conceptions around design. This affects not only the field of the production of design objects, but as well the definition of the distinctive role that public universities assume in the formation of professionals with the ability of influencing and innovating our socio-cultural environment.