Posted on 27/03/2017 by Juan Camilo Silva

Imprinted Memories

Open Designer Natalia Baudoin about her current project


Natalia Baudoin is a Bolivian and Venezuelan designer temporarily based in Paris.  For the first time, she presented Imprinted Memories at Now! Le Off, Paris Design Week 2016. It is a ceramics collection of everyday objects that is inspired in indigenous usages and productive techniques. It is first and foremost a tribute to indigenous cultures and its prevalence in a world where globalization tends to erase local identities and cultures. The collection is hand-crafted and composed of 5 pieces: 1 water carafe, 1 cup, 1 mortar and 2 dishes. These objects are inspired in typical primary utensils used by several indigenous communities of South America. The productive process is inspired in an ancient indigenous technique called imprinted ceramic. This old technique, characteristic from the Comechingones ethnic community from Córdoba Argentina, consists in using woven basketry made of caranday palm as mould to make ceramics.


After obtaining her degree at the National Fine Arts School of Lyon (France) Natalia moved to Argentina where she worked with indigenous and marginalized communities developing productive activities enhancing crafts and native cultural knowledge. At the same time, she did a postgraduate course in furniture design and never ceased to develop creative design projects. She is also part of the Open Design International Network.

She believes that design can be a tool for social integration that enhances local identities, knowledge and culture. Her work is a dialogue between her several cultural influences creating expressive objects with symbolic value.

Her work has been exhibited in Buenos Aires, and Córdoba (Argentina) and Paris (France).



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