Posted on 31/05/2017 by Agustina V. Palermo

TEDx IE Madrid 2017

Rebeca Duque Estrada as one of the key speakers of the TEDx IE Madrid 2017


“We are connected 24/7, but more alone than ever. We are constantly pushing the boundaries, but run the risk of losing sight of today’s challenges. We have an unlimited amount of information, but lose the ability to distinguish between fact and fiction. How do we adapt to these changing circumstances? How do we wrap our heads around realities we could not even imagine a few years ago? What is normal in this changing world? Do universal truths exist that are here for the duration? And what influence do our personal assumptions and biases have in how we perceive “normal”?”

TEDx IE Madrid 2017


Raising these questions, the new edition of the TEDx IE Madrid is inviting 12 speakers to present different aspects of the topic The New Normal. One of our Open Designers, Rebeca Duque Estrada is invited to be one of the key speakers of this event. She will share her experience as the project coordinator for Olabi Makerspace, where she has developed courses and methodologies that open access to technology through meaningful experiences, combining high-tech with craft techniques, wearables technology and bio-materials. In her talk she will mention the potential of the wearables technology in the self-empowerment on the maker movement.


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