Audiovisual Study

Knowledge, Sound and Matter


Project Team // Aldo Marrussero / Carolina Garcia Ruggiero / Facundo Gutierrez




February 2017

This project defines growth primarily as an increment of the layers involved in communication, in specific contexts of knowledge transmission and/or generation, as amplification and finally letting the material behave by itself. The main focus lies on structures that react to sound using a simple material – paper. The trigger, i.e. voice, is of low intensity, hence the intended device needs to react to such small stimuli and amplify its effect.


A setup was designed that enabled to test different material configurations and to draw conclusions from the relation between sound and structure, a surfaces named canvas. This setup allowed a testing process in similar conditions, while changing tune specific variables, such as distance and amplitude, to find the optimal conditions of reaction for each canvas.


The varying canvas were tested in similar conditions by using a protocol that was initially defined as a guide. The process was then recorded with a dual video camera installation, allowing front and top view filming, and thus a visual analysis of the interaction.