Linear 3D Structure

Confluences of growth


Project Team // Agustina V. Palermo / Benjamin Royal / Heidi Jalkh




February 2017

This project explores the common factors of growth, aiming to create significant connections between phenomena, whether they are material, abstract or living.

Models were materialized manifesting this process developing from a linear entity to a spatial structure, considering the common variables: bonds, voids, density and time. Through playful experimentation, models were built and reset over numerous iterations, intuitively learning from the behaviour of form on various scales. In this recursive design process, we transferred knowledge to scientific models, algorithms, material properties and forces.

This presentation follows our empirical design research, articulating our findings through operative and open models, questioning traditional boundaries of knowledge production and transfer through design methodology.

We invite you to share your thoughts and comment on our understanding of growth. We encourage changes to both the models material elements, and methods of construction. This open-source design is collaborative and we encourage people to improve upon the source model and share the changes.