in residency at ZK/U


Project Team // Agustina V. Palermo / Angelika Weissheim / Benjamin Royal / Ceyhun Ruhisu Altiok / Juan Silva




April - May 2018

The project team consisting of the fellows Agustina, Angelika, Benjamin, Ceyhun and Juan from the interdisciplinary and international master’s program 'Open Design / Diseño abierto para la innovación', offered by Humboldt University of Berlin in Germany and University of Buenos Aires in Argentina initiate their two-months residency at ZK/U – Centre for Arts and Urbanistics in Berlin running from the beginning of April to end of May 2018. For this purpose the project team named 'OnAction(s)' was created as a label combining the conceptual and thematic idea of ‘interaction’ whereas emphasizing active collaboration.


The centre is situated on the former railway depot in Berlin-Moabit and is run by the artist collective and non-profit organization KUNSTrePUBLIK e.V. It is known as a platform that aims to connect local practise and global discourse by developing projects, co-producing knowledge and sharing values created through exchange. The landmark building is open to the public with events conducted by the residents in the manifold interior and exterior spaces.


OnAction seeks to experience interdisciplinary exploration through a variety of project collaborations, related to each individual’s personal background and professional discipline. The proposed projects, inter alia, are a further development of master theses and involve a collective interest to share experience and information through collaborative involvement on diverse topics.

It is a method to understand and sketch perspectives on everyday communication and encounters in various contexts. The residency focuses on work but also non-work activities that aim to connect with the community by sharing interdisciplinarity, including a half-day workshop on Yoga Asanas conducted by Claudia Lamas.

Using specific cases, such as urban visions on ‘growing apart’, an urban game on ‘Play Diogenes’, a photographic exploration of ‘urban interfaces’, a structural experimentation of ‘on modelling growth’ and a virtual reality game on ‘competition and cooperation’, amongst others, the team examines objects of study with respect to interplay, decision-making processes, and their extrinsic consequences. While relations converge, applications diverge through intention, experimentation and outcome. OnAction perceives sets as interchangeable; instead of seeking order they propose reciprocation.


Within their program each project is categorized in three stages, namely ‘on display’, ‘in progress’ and ‘workshop’, depending upon their development. OnAction shares the outcomes with the community and invites you to examine and participate in the process by discovering convergence.


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